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Strengthening Sephora’s Employee Alignment

As the world’s leading beauty brand, Sephora has a growing presence of more than 200 stores in Asia Pacific. The French retailer wanted to foster a deeper understanding of its employee value propositions (EVPs) among regional employees. This was partly achieved with the launch of a microsite, where employees inspired each other with their EVP-driven experiences.

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Our Impact

As a companion to the microsite, RHAD also created a simple gamification app. Sephora’s employees were able to experience first-hand the conceptual meanings and applications of each EVP through the app’s interactive storyline. This led to:

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Enhanced internal adoption of EVPs With resounding feedback from store employees that they were spurred to adopt the EVPs confidently
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Strengthened Sephora’s employer branding With positive reviews from Sephora’s regional senior stakeholders
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The Challenge

The app had to be urgently launched within a month. The timeline was exacting considering that original characters and storylines had to be conceptualised, illustrated, and animated into digital assets. The gameplay also had to cater to the diverse cultures and digital landscapes that Sephora’s regional employees operate in.

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Our Solution

Content strategy was our first and foremost priority. To help Sephora’s diverse workforce appreciate the EVPs, we constructed a microsite that featured real-life stories of employees who benefited from the values and have grown to personify them.

We reached out to Sephora’s employees across Asia Pacific and created content frameworks to guide them in telling their stories systematically. We also worked closely with the client’s marketing and PR team to ensure that the content aligns with the EVP narratives.

Once the microsite was completed, we devised a simple yet out-of-the-box lead-in involving a Sephora ‘universe’. Employees were sent an e-invitation to visit the intriguing universe on its day of launch.

While navigating the tight timeline, we developed a streamlined process to plan, collaborate and implement the project effectively. The end result is an engaging platform that helps our client close their EVP communication gap – all achieved within the span of one month.

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